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Who We Are.

Rural Route Package Pick-up was created by rural residents who understand the frustration of only having a PO box for shipping options. We understand the frustrations of waiting around all day for that valuable or weather sensitive item. We also understand the difficulties of retrieving an item during certain business hours. We are committed to providing you with a 24/7, secure pickup facility to eliminate all your inconveniences.

What We Do.

Rural Route Package Pickup provides access to couriers for the rural population. Not only will the rural community find our service useful, those who have a street address will also find convenience in our service. Don’t want to wait around all day for the courier? Send it to us. Having a valuable item delivered? Send it to our secure location. Is your package weather sensitive? Send it to our indoor location. Our service will bring peace of mind for your deliveries. Live in an apartment and don’t want your package waiting outside? Send it to us.

How We Do It.

Through the technology of automated locker systems, we can provide a secure, indoor location available 24/7 for your deliveries. These automated parcel lockers provide you with a convenient way to receive and pickup your deliveries. Watch our how it works video on the homepage to learn more. Once you receive notification your package has arrived, head to our location at your convenience to retrieve your package. Once you decide our service works for you, head to our sign up page and choose a subscription and you will be notified once you can start using our service.

Why We Do It.

We know that it can be a hassle to arrange with a friend or family member to have something sent to their address, it’s one of the reasons we created this service. We know that the rural population typically only has access to a PO box which greatly narrows down what you can get shipped, which now means they need to spend time and fuel to go and get what cannot be shipped. We understand that people value their time and simply cannot spend all day waiting for something, let us give you peace of mind. We also understand that theft is on your mind if you know a package is waiting outside your residence and you’re not there, so we created a secure location to receive your package.

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