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Only have a PO Box?  No physical address?  No problem!  We provide a physical address to receive your deliveries by courier at a secure indoor pick-up point near you — available 24/7.

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Register now free of charge. You will receive subscription rates once service is available.



When you shop online, simply have your package shipped to the address we provide. (Refrigeration units coming soon)



On delivery day, the mail carrier will place your parcel in one of our secure lockers. You will then receive an email or text with a one-time PIN indicating that your parcel has been delivered.



Lockers are available 24/7, rain or shine. To open your locker, simply type in the PIN you received into the system, and voila! The locker with your package will open automatically.



Pretty easy, right?

Areas of Service.

We will be expanding quickly.  To start out, here is the location we’ll currently be servicing:

Not in Range?


If the package will not fit in one of our oversized lockers for self pickup, arrangements must be made for delivery and pickup of the package.

A signature is only needed if the sender requires one. If a situation arises where a package was arranged to be delivered but requires a signature, the package will be returned to sender, unless arrangements have been made.

Yes, we encourage customers to request the service to their location. If enough requests are made for an area, we will certainly consider opening additional locations.

There will be more information once the service is available.

When your package arrives, you will receive an email or SMS message with a one-time code or QR code. 

We offer a monthly or yearly service subscriptions. 

No, we have a no refund policy. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, however.

5 days, if you require more time, special arrangements can be made. 

Yes, currently our biggest size is 39 inches wide, 65 inches tall and 19 inches deep. We are currently looking into locker room solutions for the oversized items. We ask our customers to confirm their package will fit prior to shipping to avoid any mishaps. Couriers typically consider anything over 150lbs, 96 inches in length or 130 inches in length and girth, freight, which requires special shipping.

Once the package is placed in the locker compartment and the door closes, the notification is sent via SMS and/or email.

Absolutely, these lockers come with a variety of safety features including heavily built, motorized locks, cameras and package detection. 

We currently cannot accept food that requires refrigeration or freezing. The refrigerated and freezer lockers are currently being considered. 

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Interested in trying Rural Route Package Pick-Up?  Simply register your email below.

Want To Try Rural Route Package Pick-Up?  Simply Register Your Email Below.